Coding…Is the one of the skill and knowledge that has created all the ease of world and this world how it is now if computer was invented but code is not then it’s like a body with gold outside and horror inside code give life to machine ,it’s not a stuff that you need to take a license or get a degree or some kind of training to code you only need a terminal and a notepad no mater what is your age ,from where you are. Programmers are the constructors of this new era if there are no programmer then we could not see the as it is now.

On a click you can see your bank balance , on a click you are connected to million of people who are far from you 10000miles but u can talk to them , chat , see there precious moment of life on a computer screen. You can now see your lovers you in Landon and she in Mumbai both of you on a screen talking to each other on a single click .We Programmer are at every age group, you can see a 8year old boy and 78year old lady coding…..It not only a skill or job ….it a art where you create masterpiece…form your loneliness.

We coder ,Programmer doesn’t have much fancy cloth or expensive iPhone or Nike or swag…We only have a code that is written by us for millions of people to make their dreams came true to make there life more comfortable, To give them comfort